Leadersphere 360 Assessment

Leadership assessment for leaders and executives

Full 360 leadership competencies on leading self, leading the team and leading the organization

Companies use many evaluation processes to assess the overall performance of their employees. However, most performance measurement models are one sided – employees get feedback from the people they report to but managers rarely get comments from the people they manage.

Through 360 assessments, synergy between leaders and staff can be increased, and companies can understand better the strengths and weaknesses of their people.

The Leadersphere360 is a holistic leadership assessment tool for all organizations who intend to develop executives and managers in mastering competencies and skills in leading self, leading the team and leading the organization.

Using Leadersphere360 assessments is one of the best ways to develop and increase leadership lid within your organization so you can achieve business growth, cultivate an innovation culture, and boost employee engagement.



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