IT Consulting

Information and Cyber Security

Information is an asset that needs protection to maintain its confidentiality, integrity and availability or the CIA triad. We assist companies in maintaining an overall robust security posture i.e., People, Process and Technology that meets its business objectives i.e., legal, contractual obligations and regulatory requirements and minimize cyber security risks, data leakage and reputational damage. We help you align your processes with ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, ISO 22301 and other relevant framework and standards.


Data Privacy

Data privacy is a basic human right of individuals and are expected to be informed and protected throughout its lifecycle. We assist companies in being responsible for this right by complying with the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines and align this with the other privacy laws such as GDPR and HIPAA. We will provide you with the tools and processes and recommend the appropriate technology solutions to comply with these laws.

Information Systems Assurance

Companies are transforming their business by adopting enterprise resource planning system (ERP), robotic process automation (RPA), web and mobile applications deployment, e-commerce, cloud business process automation and other emerging technologies. With the increased reliance on these business application systems, companies have to manage risks of inaccurate processing and/or processing inaccurate data, unauthorized access and changes to data and/or systems, incompatible duties or segregation of duties issues, system downtime and/or interruption and manual intervention. We assist companies in ensuring that the application and general IT controls are designed appropriately and working effectively as required.




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