What is Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)?

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is a process of defining, identifying and classifying the security loopholes in your web, mobile and desktop applications, servers, end-points, network and security devices.

Penetration Testing (PT) is a process of simulating how can a determine attacker exploits the identified vulnerabilities to get access into your systems and infrastructure.

Why is there a need for VAPT?

Organizations are transforming their businesses from a “brick and mortar” to “digital products and services”. This digital transformation strategy provides new customer experiences, operational efficiency and financial gains but also exposes critical information assets to cyber threat actors.

Every month, more than 300 new vulnerabilities are discovered and released from all fronts, and an attacker only needs to find one to gain access to your computing environment. 

Conducting VAPT helps uncover weaknesses in the computing environment, thus permits an organization to fix these security gaps prior to being compromised.

How does our VAPT service help you?


Identify programming and business logic issues at the early stage of system development lifecycle


Comply with your legal, regulatory and contractual obligations to your stakeholders


Manage risk of financial losses and reputational damage


Improve your vulnerability management processes.

Why Exceture?


We are a recognized Cyber Security Assessment provider of Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Cybersecurity Bureau – https://dict.gov.ph/recognition-scheme-cybersecurity-assessment-providers/.

We have performed VAPT services in the banking, insurance, savings and loans association, fintech, retail, software development, healthcare and educational institutions.

Our cyber security professionals have more than 80 years of combined experience obtained from top local and global companies engaged in consulting, banking, multi-media, real-estate, manufacturing, IT and business process outsourcing. They served in various capacities such as Cyber Security Practice Leader, System Analyst, Information Security Officer, System Administrator, Network Security Engineer and Software Developer.

Our cyber security professionals have relevant global certifications on information and cyber security. They also facilitate lectures and member of various cyber security special interest groups.