There’s a running joke these days that takes form of a multiple choice question asking who’s the leading force in workplace digital transformation? A) CEO B) CTO, or: C) COVID-19.

If one thing is certain, COVID-19 will force us all into digital transformation mode, in some cases where we least expect it. Even companies that have so far avoided doing or experimenting with things like teleworking and video conferencing were forced to become experts in this technology

It is also unclear how long this pandemic will continue because there is still no vaccine against it. It should be clear that COVID-19 will have a dramatic impact on most companies for months, maybe years. Conclusion: This is not a short-term event, so the company must be prepared in the long run.

In this mindset, it is very important that companies build the operational sustainability needed to survive this new reality. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the value of IT and digital transformation, and companies must use this time to accelerate the transition.

Before the global outbreak of the corona virus seriously disrupting the global economy, companies were in full swing to implement strategies for digital transformation. While economic uncertainty now seems like the right time to rest, learning from uncertainty and preparing for the unexpected can be important assets.
Companies like Cisco, Zoom, Microsoft and Google all announced free access to their free home conference tools when the corona virus exploded. So if you are going to try these tools, now is your chance. You certainly won’t be alone in this regard – the use of cloud-based collaboration platforms is increasing rapidly.

Communication is important in these difficult times. There is always something that will affect businesses.
Communicate with your team, your suppliers and especially your customers. This is a great opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and find out how you can best work together.

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