4 Cs of ISO 27001
By: Ma. Barrehan Flores, ISO 27001 LI
Information Systems Assurance Senior Analyst
In this digital age, information has never been more vital to organizations. Undeniably, its processing is necessary to provide customers with products and services. And although access to information has increased, there are also risks – it can be lost, stolen, or altered – which have driven the formation of more complex security requirements. As a result, information security implementation projects in an organization have become even more unlikely to achieve.

This article explains ISO 27001 standard and its advantages in implementing a robust information security system to organizations.

What is ISO 27001
Before we go into the benefits, let’s define ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 is the leading ISO standard that describes how to manage information security in an organization. It consists of 10 main clauses and 114 security controls grouped into 14 sections (Annex A) to help organizations define, implement, operate, maintain, and improve information security based on a risk management approach.

benefits of implementing ISO 27001
Below are the benefits of implementing ISO 27001 in an organization:

A. Compliance

Organizations and customers are becoming increasingly concerned about information security, which resulted in more complex legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements. The good thing about ISO 27001 is that it provides a comprehensive framework that addresses most of these requirements and helps your organization comply with all of them.

B. Customer Retention

As a global standard, adapting and implementing ISO 27001 demonstrates a proactive approach to maintaining information security in all your processes. This practice will guarantee trust and retention from customers and relevant shareholders.

C. Competitive Advantage

The certification against ISO 27001 is voluntary, but if you do it, it proves that your organization is committed to the highest level of information security and protection against cyber threats. This is appealing to new customers, as your organization shows dedication to protecting their most valuable information.

D. Cost Reduction

The financial impact of a single data breach, whether big or small, may be significant. One of the primary objectives of ISO 27001 is to prevent or minimize security incidents. Thus, preparing in the event of a breach enables your organization to avoid hefty fines and penalties.


Protecting your most valuable information lies in the effective implementation of information security plans and objectives. Undoubtedly, planning can be a tedious task. But implementing an information security project based on a global standard like ISO 27001 will surely guarantee its success.

Are you ready to scale up your business?

Are you ready to scale up your business?

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