The modern day unsung heroes who relentlessly work to be of service to others

Data Protection Officers

Hawk-eye of personal information against risks to our life and security;

IT Officers

The dependable engineers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty;

InfoSec Officers

The defenders and threat hunters of our information valuables;

IT Auditors

The safety net of our information systems;

Risk Officers

Whose paranoia prepares us for black swan events;


Software Engineers

The Spock of our application systems;

Software Testers

The fire that creates diamonds i.e., application systems;

UI/UX Specialists

The ones that gives life to our application systems;

HR Officers

The lighthouse to our employment journey;


The steadfast and valiant knights getting things done no matter what

CEOs and Business Owners

The Captain, who are committed to running their businesses with the driving belief of shared success and wealth.


All worthy of a most-deserved recognition and our sincerest thanks!